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How to Clean Pool Deck Drain: Five Steps [DIY]

how to clean pool deck drain

Last Updated on June 7, 2023

Pool deck drains are an integral part of the pool system, designed to keep the area around the pool dry and free of standing water. Unfortunately, clogs in these drains can cause several issues, including mold, mildew growth, and a foul odor from the drain.

To clean a pool deck drain, there are several steps to follow that will prevent these problems. The easiest way to clean your pool deck drain is to remove any visible debris, flush out the rest, gently scrub the outer surface, and then flush it again.

Our topic today is how to clean your pool deck drain and where it goes afterward. Also, we’ll talk about what materials are best for this job and what other things to keep in mind.

How to Clean Pool Deck Drain: Step-By-Step Procedures with Preventions

Clean Pool Deck Drain

STEP 1. Remove Any Visible Debris or Leaves

STEP 2. Flush Out the Remaining Debris from the Drain

STEP 3. Gently Scrub the Outside of the Drain

STEP 4. Flush Out the Drain One Last Time

STEP 5. Inspect the Drain and Surrounding Area

Keeping a pool deck drain clean is important to prevent clogging and other drainage problems. To properly clean a pool deck drain, one must gather the necessary supplies, such as:

  • A garden hose,
  • A 5-gallon bucket,
  • A scrub brush, and
  • A pair of gloves.

Now carefully follow these procedures:

STEP 1. Remove Any Visible Debris or Leaves

As a first step in maintaining the pool deck drain, remove visible debris or leaves. Using a vacuum cleaner, leaf blower, or net, you can remove any floating debris which has accumulated on the pool deck’s surface.

Keeping gutters and drains clean by removing leaves and debris regularly may also reduce the likelihood of buildup. Also, drain maintenance will help to ensure optimal drainage performance.

STEP 2. Flush Out the Remaining Debris from the Drain

Using a 1/2′ flexible garden hose with the metal end removed helps ensure optimal drainage performance and long-term protection for the drain. Ideally, this cleaning technique can serve as a preventative maintenance measure to ensure proper drainage within the pool deck.

The hose length should be as long as the drain to remove smaller particles that may have become stuck effectively. Once you’ve cleared out any debris, you should scrub the outside of the drain.

STEP 3. Gently Scrub the Outside of the Drain

Gently scrubbing the outside of the drain ensures that any dirt or buildup that could impede proper drainage is removed. This regular maintenance can prevent blockages and clogs while also ensuring safe cleaning.

To clean the outside of the drain, use a soft brush and mild detergent to remove food scraps, debris, and dirt. Pay attention to any crevices or grooves where dirt may accumulate. Once everything has been wiped away, rinse off with water.

STEP 4. Flush Out the Drain One Last Time

After scrubbing the outside of the drain properly, you must flush out the debris collected from around and inside the drain. Maintaining pools and decks requires this step to ensure no dirt or blockage stays inside.

A steady stream of water can flush out the drain by submerging a hose into the opening and running it for several minutes.

Step 5. Inspect the Drain and Surrounding Area

After flushing, you must examine both the drain and its surrounding area for any signs of wear or damage that may have occurred during cleaning. Inspecting for these signs helps protect the pool deck drain system from further clogs and potential damage.

Carefully look around the area for any missing pieces, breaks, cracks, or other damages that may be present. Double-check the drain area to ensure nothing could cause a clog, even if you’re very careful when cleaning.

What are the Problems of Gaving a Clogged Pool Deck Drain System?

What are the Problems of Gaving a Clogged Pool Deck Drain System

A clogged pool deck drainage system can lead to numerous issues, including:

#1 Overwhelming the Drainage System

Overwhelming the natural drainage system of a pool deck can lead to clogging and other related problems. Take proactive steps in preventing clogs by regularly inspecting for blockages and creating access points.

If these steps are taken, it can help mitigate the risk of contaminants entering the clean pool water. To prevent further contamination, addressing the underlying issue of an overwhelmed natural drainage system is necessary.

#2 Contaminating the Clean Pool Water

Clean pool water can become contaminated if the pool deck is not draining properly. Poor drainage can lead to stagnant water, compromising water safety and energy efficiency.

#3 Experience Ugly Mold

Unattended standing water can create an environment for the unwanted growth of mold that can be visually unappealing.

To prevent this, pool owners should take the necessary steps to reduce moisture and treat any existing stains. You could use a pressure washer to clean the deck drain and add a chlorine-based cleaning solution to the surrounding area.

Also, a blocked drain can cause water to build up and create a slippery surface, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries.

What can I use to clean my pool deck drain?

You can maintain a pool deck drain using a bleach and soap solution combined with an exterior brush. This combination effectively removes dirt, debris, and other contaminants that may have built up over time.

Proper maintenance also includes resurfacing the deck to ensure it remains in good condition. You should carefully select cleaning products to ensure they are safe around pools and will not damage your deck.

Where do pool deck drains drain to?

Where do pool deck drains drain to

Pool deck drains typically lead to an area away from structures such as the pool and residence. The water runoff is usually directed away from these areas to protect them from flooding or other damage.

Depending on the drain design, this may lead directly into a filtration system or be routed to a specific outlet away from dwellings or pools. This helps reduce the risk of damage due to excess water accumulation and ensures that clean, filtered water is available.

Keep Your Pool Deck Clean and Clear with Proper Drain Maintenance

Pool deck drains are essential to any pool system, as they help keep the area around the pool free from standing water. When these pool deck drains become clogged due to debris or other elements, it can cause various problems for pool owners.

To avoid this issue, regularly clean out these drains using appropriate cleaning materials. The drains on pool decks usually empty into underground sewer lines, so hazardous waste can’t go there.

Regularly cleaning out these drains will ensure they remain free of debris and other contaminants, allowing them to function properly. By following those steps, pool owners can enjoy their pools without worrying about costly repairs due to clogged deck drains.

How to Clean Pool Deck Drain: Five Steps [DIY]

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