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How to Clean Out Drain Tile: 2 Effective Methods [DIY]

how to clean out drain tile

Last Updated on June 6, 2023

A home’s plumbing system involves various components, including drain tile. This vital system helps to remove excess water from the foundation and basement.

But, drain tile can become clogged with debris, leading to water damage if not well-maintained. If you notice water backing up in your home or suspect clogs in your drain tile, you need to clean it out.

There are two effective methods to clean out drain tile: a cable machine and a hydro-jetting machine. Both methods can efficiently clear clogs and ensure optimal drainage.

With a cable machine, you can break up debris and remove obstructions by feeding a rotating cable through the drain tile system.

On the other hand, a hydro-jetting machine uses high-pressure water to thoroughly clean the drain tile, eliminating clogs and restoring smooth flow.

Get ready to conquer drain tile cleaning confidently. We’ll walk you through each method step-by-step, giving you all the necessary know-how.

Different Methods on How to Clean Out Drain Tile

Different Methods on How to Clean Out Drain Tile

Clearing drain tile is essential for ensuring the proper functioning of your plumbing system. Therefore, there are two effective methods for achieving this task: using a cable machine or a hydro-jetting machine. Now let’s take a closer look at the steps.

Method #1: Clearing Drain Tile with a Cable Machine

Step 1: Prepare the Cable Machine

Before initiating the clogged drain cleaning process, you must gather all the necessary equipment for safety and efficacy. The required equipment includes a cable machine, eye protection, gloves, and a bucket.

Step 2: Insert the Cable

To start cleaning, locate the entry point of the drain tile system, which is often a cleanout access point. Then, attach the appropriate cable attachment to the end of the cable.

Insert the cable into the drain tile system until you encounter resistance. You need to note that the length of the cable you insert into the drain tile is dependent on how deep the clog is.

Step 3: Activate the Cable Machine

Once you have the cable in the right position, it’s time to turn on the cable machine. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adjust the speed of the machine.

Begin feeding the cable through the drain tile while maintaining tension on it. The spinning action of the cable machine will clear the clog and break up debris.

By adjusting the speed and cable tension right, you’ll be able to break and push the clog further down the line.

Step 4: Retract the Cable

Once you have dislodged the clog or reached the end of the drain tile, slowly retract the cable while continuing to rotate it. This is to remove any remaining debris and thoroughly clean the drain tile system.

Switch off the machine after retracting the cable and then remove it safely. Place the cable into a bucket for proper disposal.

Method #2: Clearing Drain Tile with a Hydro-Jetting Machine

Clearing Drain Tile with a Hydro-Jetting Machine

To clear the drain tile using a hydro-jetting machine, follow these steps:

Step 1: Set up the Hydro-Jetting Equipment

Before you begin, ensure you have all the necessary equipment to clean out your drain tile effectively. Ensure you have a hydro-jetting machine, gloves, eye protection, and a cleanout access point adapter. Once you have everything, wear gloves and eye protection to ensure your safety.

After that, connect your hydro-jetting machine to a water source and ensure proper pressure settings. This ensures you have the correct water pressure to clear out any clogs you might encounter.

Step 2: Attach the Nozzle and Insert

Choosing the right nozzle for your drain tile is crucial for correctly completing the job. Consider the size and type of drain tile before selecting an appropriate nozzle. Once you have found the perfect nozzle, connect it to the end of your hose.

Before inserting the nozzle, ensure it’s the right fit and that the hydro-jetting machine is turned off. Once everything is ready, insert the nozzle into the drain tile’s cleanout access point or designated entry point.

Step 3: Activate the Hydro-Jetting Machine

After inserting the nozzle, turn on the hydro-jetting machine and adjust the water pressure according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Slowly feed the nozzle into the drain tile while maintaining control over the hose. This ensures that you’re controlling the flow of water. If you rush this step, it will lead to less effective cleaning.

Step 4: Clear the Clog

The hydro-jetting machine utilizes high-pressure water to break up debris and clear the clog. Guide the nozzle through the drain tile system to allow the water to do its job. Move the nozzle back and forth and rotate it to ensure thorough cleaning.

This step requires attention to detail. Don’t move the nozzle too quickly, or you may only clear a portion of the clogs.

Step 5: Remove the Nozzle and Clean Up

With clogs cleared, you can move to the last step. Turn the hydro-jetting machine off and carefully retract the nozzle from the drain tile. Disconnect the equipment, ensuring water is turned off, and pressure is released.

Remember, both methods require caution and attention to safety. If you’re unsure or face complex clogs, it’s recommended to consult a professional plumber or drainage specialist for assistance.

How often should drain tile be cleaned?

How often should drain tile be cleaned

The recommended frequency for drain tile maintenance varies based on soil conditions and environmental factors, such as tree coverage or iron oxide levels.

In general, it is advised to have these services performed every 2 to 5 years in areas with normal soil conditions. But, if your soil has an abundance of iron oxide or if you reside in a heavily treed area, you may require more frequent cleaning.

This is due to the potential for a higher accumulation of debris or tree roots that could clog the drain tile system and hinder its functionality.

How long does a drain tile system last?

A drain tile system, when properly installed, can last for decades. Advancements in technology and materials have ensured that modern drain tile systems are more durable and resistant to issues.

This means that even older clay weeping tiles, prone to these issues, lasted for many years.

Ensure Smooth Functioning of Your Drain Tile: Schedule Cleaning Today

Ensuring a dependable and trouble-free drain tile system is vital for any property owner to avoid expensive repairs and prevent water damage.

Maintaining your plumbing infrastructure through routine upkeep is critical for its durability and effectiveness.

To clean your drain tile system, consider utilizing cable machines or hydro-jetting equipment, as covered above.

Experts recommend cleaning your drain tile system at least once every two years. This helps avoid clogging and buildup of debris, which can cause serious problems that may lead to structural damage to your property.

As a homeowner, neglecting your drain tile system is not an option, given the high costs and safety risks it can pose. So, schedule your drain tile cleaning today to avoid potential problems.

How to Clean Out Drain Tile: 2 Effective Methods [DIY]

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