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Best Drain Cleaner for Basement Floor Drain in 2024 | Top 5

Drain Cleaner for Basement Floor Drain

Last Updated on August 28, 2023

Basement floor drains allow water to flow away from your home, but they can become clogged with sludge and waste. If you don’t clean your floor drain, the clog could cause water to back into your basement, leading to costly repairs. Also, a clogged floor drain can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and algae.

In severe cases, this buildup can result in a blocked pipe, leading to basement flooding. A preventative measure that should be taken is to use the best drain cleaner for basement floor drains. This drain cleaner will break down the buildup of organic matter, restoring your drain to its original working condition.

Although several different drain cleaners are available, you must choose one based on the type of cleaning you require. Discover the most effective basement floor drain cleaners and how to select the appropriate one by reading this article.

Green Gobbler Liquid Drain Cleaner Basement Floor

Item Form: Liquid
Item Volume: 64 Fluid Ounces
Scent: Fragrance-Free

CLR Leach Field Friendly Drain Cleaner for Basement Floor

Item Form: Liquid
Item Volume: 42 Fluid Ounces
Scent: Fragrance-Free

Helix Laboratories BioFresh Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Item Form: Liquid
Item Volume: 32 Fluid Ounces
Scent: Super Concentrate w/Pleasant Fragrance

What to Do If the Basement Drain is Clogged With Dirt?

What to Do If the Basement Drain is Clogged With Dirt

A clogged basement floor drain can cause many problems, from flooding to foul odors. If you find yourself faced with a clogged drain, there are a few home remedies to unclog the basement floor drain you can do to clear it:

  • See if you can eliminate the clog using a plunger.
  • You can try using a drain snake or auger if that doesn’t work.

If you still can’t clear the drain, you may need to use drain cleaner for basement drain clean out. In the meantime, mop up any standing water and keep the area as dry as possible to prevent further damage.

Can I Put Drain Cleaner Down to Unclog Basement Floor Drain?

Can I Put Drain Cleaner Down to Unclog Basement Floor Drain

A clogged floor drain in your basement can be just as irritating, and if you’re like most people, your first instinct is to reach for the nearest bottle of drain cleaner. But before you pour those caustic chemicals down your drain, you should know most conventional drain cleaners are made with harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes.

Also, they can be dangerous to use, particularly if you have small children or pets in your home. If used incorrectly, these products can cause more harm than good. So what’s the best way to unclog a floor drain?

Most professionals recommend using a drain cleaner made of eco-friendly, biodegradable ingredients. An enzyme drain cleaner is the best way to unclog basement floor drain because it contains natural bacteria that eat away the organic matter clogging your drain.

The following drain cleaners may prove helpful if you are concerned about using harsh chemicals in your basements.

Best Drain Cleaner for Basement Floor Drain – Top Five Recommendations

Drain Cleaner for Basement Floor Drain

Basement drain cleaner is a product that is used to clean clogged drains in the basement. These drain cleaners are designed to break up clogs and allow the water to flow freely through the drain.

Here are the top five recommendations for basement drain cleaners:

✳ Green Gobbler Liquid Drain Cleaner Basement Floor

If your basement drain is clogged up, it might be time to use Green Gobbler drain cleaner. This product is non-damaging to pipes and septic systems so you can use it confidently. Plus, it is effective in removing drain clogs from basement drains.

Green Gobbler liquid drain cleaner basement floor is a powerful tool to clear clogs. This high-density main line drain opener dissolves organic material and paper, clinging to pipes to liquify tough drain obstructions.

Its revolutionary formula is excellent for both addressing clogs and preventive maintenance. It quickly dissolves hair, sludge, and other debris to keep your sink drain free and flowing. Plus, it’s biodegradable and environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about using it.

Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Opener

● Revolutionary formula
● Odorless
● Non-flammable
● Environmentally friendly

Benefits of this product for you:

If your basement sink is clogged, reach for Green Gobbler (AX-AY-ABHI-88187), which can be a great option if you’re looking for a safer alternative to using harsh chemicals to clear your drain. It has a much less chemical smell than other cleaners and works overtime to clear drains.

This environmentally friendly liquid drain cleaner can be poured directly down the drain, and it will start working to clear the clog almost immediately. You should wait at least a half hour after pouring the cleaner in before attempting to clear the drain with hot water. Also, a half bottle should be enough to clear most clogs.


  • Natural ingredients and biodegradable
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • High-density basement drain opener
  • Alternative to harsh chemical drain cleaners


  • Due to the liquid’s clarity, it is difficult to measure
  • Multiple applications may be needed to clear heavy clogs

✳ CLR Leach Field Friendly Drain Cleaner for Basement Floor

Have you struggled keeping your basement floor drain clean and clear of clogs? If so, then CLR leach field friendly drain cleaner can be a preventative maintenance product that dissolves crud build-up, making it easier to keep your drain clear. It’s also safe for your basement floor drain pipes, so rest assured that your drain will stay clean and clear.

CLR basement sewer cleaner is a safe and environmentally-friendly drain cleaner that is perfect for cleaning your basement floor drain. As an alternative to harsh chemical cleaners, this product is EPA-certified. Also, this product contains no ammonia, phosphates, or bleach, making it safe for use around your home.

CLR Clear Pipes & Drains Clog Remover and Cleaner

● EPA-Certified
● Preventative maintenance product
● Fragrance-free
● Contains no phosphates

Benefits of this product for you:

If you’re looking for a drain cleaner that’s safe for your pipes and septic system, CLR (CBR-6) is a great choice. This leach field-friendly basement drain cleaner comes in a fragrance-free formula, so it won’t bother you while trying to clean up a nasty mess. It’s also effective on all types of drains so that you can use it confidently.

This product is suitable for use on all drains, including toilets, and it works quickly and efficiently to clear any blockages. You should use CLR to maintain your drains that can get clogged over time.


  • Cleaning alternatives to harsh chemicals
  • Suitable for basement floor drains
  • Dissolves accumulated crud
  • Suitable for all types of drain pipes


  • Drains won’t open right away with this product

✳ Helix Laboratories BioFresh Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Looking for an environmentally friendly and effective way to clear your basement floor drains? Look no further than Helix Laboratories BioFresh enzyme drain cleaner. This powerful cleaner uses enzymes to eliminate smelly drains and keep your pipes running smoothly.

This is highly concentrated, which makes it excellent value for money since a small amount covers a long way. Using this product will not have to worry about drainage issues due to natural bacteria cultures. If necessary, you may use BioFresh anywhere there is a drain, pipe, or septic system.

BioFresh – Enzyme Drain Cleaner & Odor Eliminator

● Eco-friendly
● Enzyme drain cleaner
● Uses natural bacteria cultures
● Super concentrated formula

Benefits of this product for you:

BioFresh drain cleaner by Helix Laboratories for the basement is a great product for basement drain cleaning. It comes with its dilution instructions and has a great smell itself. It will help to break down any organic material that may be blocking your drains and help to keep them running smoothly.

Its powerful formula is perfect for unclogging and deodorizing any drain in your home, making it a must-have for any homeowner. So don’t let that stench keep you from enjoying your basement any longer; try Helix Laboratories BioFresh enzyme basement drain cleaner.


  • Decompose organic materials
  • Keep basement floor drain running smoothly
  • Perfect for deodorizing any drain
  • Natural bacteria cultures prevent drainage issues


  • Heavy clogs can require multiple days of treatment

✳ Roebic Drain Cleaner in Floor Drain

The Roebic (K-97-Q) drain cleaner is the perfect solution for sewer cleanout in the basement. The cleaner contains millions of specialized biodegradable bacteria that digest waste and sludge, keeping your drains clear and functional. Retaining waste-degrading bacteria increases the efficiency of smaller, overburdened systems, allowing your drain to remain clean year-round.

This powerful yet ecologically sound cleaner is perfect for low water pressure in toilets or other situations where a little extra oomph is needed. It also works without harsh smells, so you can keep your basement smelling fresh.

Roebic K-97 Main Line Cleaner

● Suitable for all plumbing systems
● Ideal for Low Flow Toilets
● Biodegradable bacteria formula
● Prevents future backups and clogs

Benefits of this product for you:

With Roebic drain cleaner in the floor drain, you can easily keep your floor drain hygienic and free of clogs. This safe and effective formula is effective for regular maintenance and can help prevent future clogs and basement drain clean-out.

As well as killing roots, this product cleans out the main line and is not harmful to household plumbing or the surroundings. Use Roebic to restore the proper flow and keep your basement drains operating properly.


  • Contains no harsh smells
  • Hygienically maintain your floor drains
  • Contains millions of specialized bacteria
  • Efficacious formula for regular maintenance


  • Need to flush a couple of times after applying

✳ Zeiff Basement Floor Drain Cleaner

Zeiff basement floor drain cleaner provides a powerful and effective method of cleaning basement floor drains. This multi-purpose enzyme cleaner will deliver professional results for any tough cleaning task. Its unique, non-corrosive formula contains powerful enzymes that dissolve clogs and odors.

Its super-strength proprietary formulation makes it capable of digesting and breaking up complex organic proteins. It can easily cut through grime, scum, and grease without leaving visible residue. Plus, it’s gentle on all types of surfaces.

Zeiff Pro-Grade Multi-Purpose Probiotic Enzyme Cleaner – Drain Cleaner

● Non-flammable
● pH neutral
● Non-acidic
● Free of caustics and dyes
● Multi-purpose enzyme cleaner

Benefits of this product for you:

The basement drain opener by Zeiff (ZC25017) is a pH-neutral, non-acidic cleaner suitable for use by both professionals and homeowners. This product is non-flammable and can be applied on almost any surface.

With its subtle lavender scent, this cleaner leaves a long-lasting freshness without caustics or dyes. Known for its effectiveness among professionals and consumers alike, this cleaner is an excellent choice for those looking to get the job done properly.


  • Non-corrosive formulas contain powerful enzymes
  • Super-strength proprietary formulation digests
  • Leaves a long-lasting lavender scent
  • Easily cut through scum, grime, and greasy deposits


  • Strong fragrances can cause headaches

Comparison Table For Drain Cleaner for Basement Drains

ProductItem FormItem VolumeScent
Green GobblerAX-AY-ABHI-88187Liquid64 Fluid OuncesFragrance-Free
CLRCBR-6Liquid42 Fluid Ounces‎Fragrance-Free
BioFresh by Helix LaboratoriesLiquid32 Fluid OuncesSuper Concentrate w/Pleasant Fragrance
RoebicK-97-QLiquid32 Fluid OuncesFragrance-Free
ZeiffZC25017‎Liquid128 Fluid Ounces‎Lavender

How to Choose the Best Drain Cleaner for Unclogging Basement Floor Drain?

How to Choose the Best Drain Cleaner for Unclogging Basement Floor Drain

Clogged drains are one of the most common household problems, and they can be a real pain to deal with. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also cause water damage and lead to costly repairs. But, with so many available options, it can be difficult to know which is best for your needs.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best basement drain cleaner for your basement floor drain:

Strength of the Cleaner

When choosing a drain cleaner, there are a variety of factors to consider, including the cleaner’s strength. The cleaner’s strength is also important because it determines how long the cleaning process will take. A stronger cleaner will usually work faster, but it may also be more likely to damage your pipes.

On the other hand, a milder drain cleaner may take longer to work, but it is less likely to cause damage to plumbing. Thus, you should choose a drain cleaner based on the specific needs of the drain in question.

Cleaner Ingredients

In addition to strength, another important factor to consider before selecting a drain cleaner is the ingredients. Some cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can be dangerous if used improperly, while others use natural ingredients that are safer for people and plumbing.

So, choosing a cleaner that contains only natural ingredients is important. Also, there are several benefits to using a cleaner with natural ingredients:

  • They are much safer for you and your family.
  • They are less likely to damage your plumbing.
  • They will leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

When selecting a cleaner, read the label carefully and choose a safe cleaner for people and pipe materials.

Material Form of the Cleaner

In selecting a drain cleaner for unclogging a basement floor drain, it is important to consider the material form of the cleaner. For example, some drain cleaners are in liquid form, while others are in gel form.

Liquid drain cleaners are typically more effective at breaking up clogs, but they can also be more corrosive and may harm your pipes if used incorrectly. Gel form drain cleaners are less harmful to your pipes, but they are less efficient at breaking up tough clogs.

Also, some drain cleaners are designed for use with specific drains, such as basement or bathroom shower drains.

Cleaner Scent & Fragrance

One important consideration is the scent and fragrance of the cleaner when choosing a basement drain cleaner. This is especially important if you use the cleaner in your home or around children. A strong scent can be overwhelming and even dangerous.

In contrast, a cleaner with a fresh, pleasant scent can do the job of unclogging your basement floor drain much more conveniently. Also, a cleaner with a pleasant scent is less likely to cause respiratory irritation or other health problems.

Bacteria Formula

The bacteria formula can significantly impact the cleaner’s effectiveness in unclogging basement floor drains. Different formulas can contain different types and amounts of bacteria. Some formulas may be more effective at breaking down organic matter, while others may be better at removing mineral deposits.

There are a variety of formulas available, so make sure you choose one that is suited to your specific needs. Different formulas have different strengths and weaknesses, so selecting one appropriate for the task is important.

Acidic or Not

When unclogging a basement floor drain, you need to consider whether the cleaner you’re using is acidic or not. This is important because different cleaners will affect your drain differently, and you must ensure you’re using the right one for the job.

Acidic cleaners, for example, can eat away at the clog itself, which can be helpful if it is made up of things like hair or grease. But, they can also damage your pipes if used too frequently, so it’s important to use them sparingly.

Non-acidic cleaners, on the other hand, are gentler on your pipes but may not be as effective at breaking down tough clogs. Ultimately, the best way to choose a drain cleaner is to carefully consider the type of clog you’re dealing with and then select the cleaner that will most effectively remove it.


Some drain cleaners are more powerful than others, and some are more corrosive. That’s why it’s important to consider the certification before buying one for your home. Drain cleaners with certifications from the EPA or other organizations are more likely to be effective and safe for your home.

They’ve been tested and proven to work well on all clogs. So when you’re shopping for a drain cleaner, you should look for one with a certification from a reputable organization. This will ensure a quality product that works well on your clogged drain.

With so many different types of drain cleaners on the market, choosing the finest one for your needs can be difficult. But, considering the factors discussed above, you can narrow down your choices and find the most suitable drain cleaner for unclogging your basement floor drain.

What are the Different Types of Liquid Drain Cleaners Available?

What are the Different Types of Liquid Drain Cleaners Available

When choosing a liquid drain cleaner, there are three main types: Enzymatic, Caustic, and Acidic. Each type of cleaner has its unique benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to select the right one for your needs.

Enzymatic Cleaners

Enzymatic cleaners are cleaning products that use enzymes to break down organic matter. These cleaners are a non-toxic and eco-friendly option for cleaning up messes. They are safe for human health and the environment because they do not rely on harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.

Enzymatic cleaners work by releasing enzymes that bind to organic matter and break it down into smaller units. The enzymes then digest the organic matter, which allows it to be easily removed from surfaces. But they can be more expensive than other types of cleaners, and they aren’t as effective on tough clogs.

These enzymatic cleaners often contain bacteria that help to decompose organic matter further. This makes them ideal for use in areas with a lot of organic matter, such as kitchens and bathrooms. But, consider note that enzymatic cleaners should not be used on live plants or animals.

Caustic Cleaners

Caustic cleaners are drain cleaners that use chemical reactions to break down grease and hair. These cleaners often contain harsh chemicals, such as lye or sulfuric acid, which can damage pipes.

Also, caustic cleaners can be corrosive to the skin. If you use a caustic cleaner, be sure to wear gloves and take care to avoid contact with your skin.

These cleaners are effective at breaking down grease and hair, but they should be used cautiously. If you have concerns about using a caustic cleaner, talk to a professional before using one.

Acidic Cleaners

Acidic cleaners are widely used for their effectiveness in clearing clogged drains. They are effective at clearing clogs because they work to dissolve mineral deposits and other solid materials.

This is achieved by hydrochloric or sulfuric acid breaking down these materials on a molecular level. But, if used too frequently, acidic cleaners can damage basement pipes. This is due to the corrosive nature of the acids breaking down the material of the pipes.

It is therefore recommended that users of acidic cleaners exercise caution when using them and only use them sparingly to avoid damaging their plumbing. Additionally, it is important never to mix different cleaners as this can create dangerous chemical reactions.

Can Drain Cleaner Unclog the Basement Floor Drain P-Trap?

Can Drain Cleaner Unclog the Basement Floor Drain P-Trap

The basement floor drain typically has a trap, known as a P-trap, which helps to prevent sewer gas from entering the home. Over time, the P-trap can become clogged with debris, causing water to the basement floor drain backing.

When this happens, homeowners frequently use drain cleaner in an attempt to clear the clog. Chemicals-based drain cleaners are not designed for P-traps and can do more harm than good. The chemicals in drain cleaners can damage the P-trap, making it more likely to fail in the future.

But if you use enzyme-based drain cleaners, they will not only clean your P-trap but also clear any other blockages in your pipes. Enzyme drain cleaners are a natural way to keep your basement floor drain clear and free flowing.

Is Drain Cleaner Dangerous for Long-Term Use for Basement Floor Drain?

While using drain cleaners on a blocked floor drain in your basement might seem like an effective way to clear the problem quickly, you might be doing more harm than good in the long run. That’s because many of the ingredients in these products are highly corrosive, which can damage the pipes and lead to leaks.

Also, the fumes from these products can harm your health, especially if you’re using them in a confined space such as a basement. If you use a drain cleaner, be sure to ventilate the area well and wear protective gear such as gloves and a mask.

Can I Pour Bleach With a Drain Cleaner Down My Basement Drain?

Can I Pour Bleach With a Drain Cleaner Down My Basement Drain

It’s never a good idea to pour bleach and drain cleaner down your basement drains. Combining these two chemicals produces toxic sewer gasses that permanently damage your basement draining system.

When bleach comes into contact with other cleaning agents, it produces toxic gasses. These sewer gasses can be dangerous to your health, and they can also contaminate your home’s air.

Also, bleach and other cleaning liquids can erode your pipes over time. This erosion can eventually lead to leaks, which can cause water damage to your home.

Is Drain Cleaner Worth Using to Unclog Basement Floor Drains?

Whenever basement floor drains become clogged over time, restricting water flow, many homeowners use drain cleaner to clear them out. But is drain cleaner the proper solution for a clogged basement floor drain?

If you’re dealing with a blocked basement drain, the best drain cleaner for basement floor drain can be an amazing product to have on hand. These cleaners are designed to unclog drains quickly and effectively without harsh chemicals.

So if you’re wondering whether or not drain cleaner is worth using to unclog your basement floor drain, the answer is a resounding yes. These cleaners are an excellent way to quickly and effectively clear away any clogs preventing water from flowing freely.

Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Opener | Drain cleaner Hair Clog Remover | Works On Main Lines, Sinks, Tubs, Toilets, Showers, Kitchen Sinks | 64 fl. oz.
  • HIGH-DENSITY MAIN LINE DRAIN OPENER. Ultimate Main Line Opener’s thick, high-density formula sinks…
  • DISSOLVES ORGANIC MATERIAL AND PAPER. Ultimate Main Line Opener dissolves grease, hair, oils, soap…
  • NON-DAMAGING TO PIPES. Green Gobbler’s industrial-strength drain clog remover is tough where it…

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