Safety Tips

Sulfuric Acid vs Lye Drain Cleaner: 6 Differences [Interesting]

Are you stuck trying to choose between sulfuric acid and lye drain cleaner when unclogging a particularly stubborn clog? Both can be viable solutions, but there are critical differences in the safety considerations and level of effectiveness. From the increased metal corrosiveness of sulfuric to the mild lye, the range of pH levels and chemical […]

Does Drain Cleaner Kill Roaches: 2 Types [Fully Explained]

Trying to rid your home of roaches is definitely a panic. With their penchant for wet environments like drains, have you ever thought about using drain cleaner as a solution? Chemical drain cleaners are an effective way to zap them, but they can be harsh on surfaces and people, while natural cleansers may work too. […]

Does Drain Cleaner Damage PVC Pipes: 3 Chemical Compounds

You’ve probably considered using a drain cleaner when you’ve got a clogged pipe or drain. But does drain cleaner damage PVC pipes? The truth is that some drain cleaners can be detrimental to PVC pipes. Drain cleaners with oxidizers, acids, caustics, esters, ketones, ethers, and aromatics can melt or soften PVC pipes. Fortunately, there are […]

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