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How to Get Marshmallow Out of Carpet without Ruining It?

how to get marshmallow out of carpet

Last Updated on March 12, 2023

It seems like marshmallows are part of almost every summer and fall season. Without them, you can’t make smores, and let’s face it, Halloween wouldn’t be the same without marshmallow ghosts.

However, these sweet treats are always a little struggle to eat, and sometimes we get it all over our clothes or carpeting, which makes cleaning them messy and complicated. This article will help you know how to get Marshmallow Out of Carpet without destroying them.

What Happens If You Don’t Remove the Marshmallow from Your Carpet?

What Happens If You Don't Remove the Marshmallow from Your Carpet

Removing marshmallows from any carpet can become challenging if you do not act fast. It absorbs moisture and sticks to the fibers in your carpeting.

Not only does this make it more challenging to remove, but if left for an extended time, it can cause permanent damage that makes the entire carpet look worn out and ugly.

How to Get Marshmallow Out of Carpet Quickly and Ineffectively?

How to Get Marshmallow Out of Carpet Quickly and Ineffectively

There are many ways in which you can remove marshmallows from your carpet. Of course, if you have some time on your hands and do not want to risk any damage, you should go with the most natural route.

1. Use Knife

The first thing you need to do is carefully slice it up. Once the marshmallow has been broken into smaller chunks, you will have an easier time removing them from your carpeting.

2. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The next option is a bit more time-intensive but will ensure that all of the sticky bits are gone for sure. Using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, you will be able to suck the marshmallow right off of your carpeting and into a plastic bag where it can be thrown away.

Vacuuming up marshmallow from carpet

3. Sugar Solvent

Additionally, you can use a sugar solvent to get rid of sticky things that have made their way onto your carpet. These work similarly to the vacuum cleaner option, but you will need a bit more time to scrub them out.

4. Baking Soda Paste

This is the most realistic option and will also allow you to scrub the marshmallow out of your carpet while not causing any damage. To make this paste, mix baking soda with water until it forms a thick mixture resembling peanut butter. This will be a bit messy, but the long-term results are well worth it.

Marshmallow stuck on carpet

5. Hair Dryer

The last option you have is to use a hairdryer. Hold it over the marshmallow and wait for it to heat up enough so you can peel it off of the carpeting. This is not the best choice if your entire carpet has been impacted or many pieces of sticky marshmallows left, but it can be very effective for small areas.

6. Sticky Roller

Sticky Roller

The sticky roller is what you will want to reach for if you have a large area of marshmallows to clean up. It works on the same principles as the hairdryer, but instead of using hot air, it has exceptionally sticky fabric that will pull all of the residues off of your carpeting. These are affordable and an excellent investment to have on hand before the next marshmallow season.

7. Ammonia

Finally, you can also use ammonia. While it may not be the first option that springs to mind when faced with a sticky mess, it works very well to soften up the marshmallow and remove it from your carpeting. Using a brush or sponge, apply a mixture of water and ammonia to eliminate the white chunks.

8. Dry Cleaning Fluid

If you have some dry cleaning fluid at home, it can be used to clear the sticky mess away. Mix equal parts of water and dry cleaning fluid in a container. Then, use an old toothbrush or scrub brush to work on the area until all of the residues are gone.

9. Alcohol

A mixture of alcohol and water can be used in the same way the dry cleaning fluid is used. For this, mix 70% isopropyl alcohol with 30% water. You will need to use an old toothbrush or scrub brush so you can work on any stubborn bits until they are gone for good.

10. Vinegar

White vinegar is a good cleaner, and it also works very well as a sticky residue remover. Soak a cotton ball with vinegar and place it on the marshmallow. The mixture will begin to break down the bit so you can peel it off or vacuum it up.

These are your best options for getting rid of sticky white marshmallow bits. If you use a mixture of different techniques, you can get your carpet pristine clean in no time.

How Can I Clean Up the Sticky Residue Left by Marshmallows?

How Can I Clean Up the Sticky Residue Left by Marshmallows

Sticky residue left by marshmallows is often challenging to clean up. It can get on carpeting, fabrics, furniture, and even walls or floors. Here is a list of the most effective ways to remove sticky from different surfaces.

1. Using Shampoo

The best way to clean sticky residue from carpeting is to use dish soap. Place a dollop of dish soap on the area and scrub it with a wet brush. The marshmallow will begin to break down and be vacuumed up when it is loose enough.

2. Hairspray

Hairspray also works very well as a sticky residue remover. Spray it on top of the affected area and try to let it sit for at least one hour before wiping it away with a damp cloth. This can be repeated until all of the residues have been removed.

Clean carpet after marshmallow removal

3. Nail Polish Remover

To effectively eliminate the sticky residue left by marshmallows, you can also use nail polish remover as a final option. Saturate the affected area with it and dry before wiping it up with a cloth. This practice works well for fabric too.

4. Petroleum Jelly

Solid white petroleum jelly works as a sticky residue remover from surfaces that are not carpeting. Smear it onto the affected area and allow it to sit overnight. In the morning, wipe away the jelly with a clean cloth and repeat until all marshmallow bits have been removed.

If you want to get rid of the sticky white bit’s leftover from marshmallows, these are your best options.

How Do I Prevent Marshmallows from Sticking to My Carpet in The Future?

If you follow these simple rules, you can avoid sticky marshmallow bits forever.

  • Do not leave the marshmallow unattended.
  • Do not let it sit on your carpet long enough to become sticky.
  • Keep young children or pets away from the treats so they cannot cause any more damage than they already have done.
  • Take all of the treats outside as soon as they are made and dispose of them away from your home.
  • Clean up any messes immediately, so they do not have time to harden on your flooring.

These precautions will help you keep sticky marshmallow bits off of your carpet for good!


With these simple tips, you can avoid sticky marshmallow bits from ever landing on your carpet again. Not only will this save you the hassle of having to clean them up, but it will also help keep your flooring in good condition for years to come.

So next time around, be sure to follow these guidelines and have a stress-free holiday season!

How to Get Marshmallow Out of Carpet without Ruining It?

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