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How To Clean Urine From Bathroom Floor: 6 Steps [Complete DIY]

How To Clean Urine From Bathroom Floor

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

If you are persistently dealing with unpleasant urine stains on your bathroom floor, worry not. Not only is a smelly and discolored floor unappealing for aesthetic reasons, but it can also be hazardous in terms of health if left untreated.

Give your bathroom floor a makeover in just a few easy steps. Gather the supplies of detergent, gloves, sponges/rags/cloths, rubbing alcohol, and a vacuum cleaner. Blot up any excess liquid, then pre-treat with some detergent before scrubbing away any unsightly urine stains.

Cleanse the area to prevent germs from lingering, and add an extra burst of freshness by deodorizing it afterward for that nice final touch. Ready for a squeaky-clean bathroom? Follow our guide to remove those pesky stains and take back control. Grab your supplies to get started.

How To Clean Urine From Bathroom Floor: Easy Steps


Gather Supplies


A good detergent like Tide or Gain will be most effective for cleaning urine stains from bathroom floors, as detergents have enzymes that help in the breaking down of the proteins in the urine.


Wearing gloves during this process is important, as it will keep your hands safe from any harmful chemicals or bacteria that may be present in the urine stain.


You’ll need something to scrub with in order to lift the stain off the flooring surface; sponges, rags, or cloths are all suitable for this task.

Bathroom floor with urine stains and odors

Rubbing Alcohol

This helps break down the proteins in the urine and should be used with caution when cleaning up urine stains from bathroom floors due to its strong nature; a 50:50 solution of water and rubbing alcohol is recommended for best results (1 part rubbing alcohol, 1 part water).

Vacuum Cleaner

This may not be necessary but having one handy is helpful if you find yourself needing to suck up excess liquid on harder surfaces like tile or linoleum flooring.

Cleaning Urine Stains Step-by-Step

Step 1: Blot Up Excess Liquid

Use a sponge or rag to gently blot up as much of the excess liquid from the stain as possible; avoid scrubbing too hard, as this can spread out the stain even further over time.

Step 2: Pre-Treat with Detergent

Apply detergent directly onto a wet sponge or rag and apply it to the affected area; allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes before proceeding further.

Step 3: Scrub Stain with Sponge/Rag/Cloth

Once enough time has passed, use a soft scrubbing motion with your sponge, rag, or cloth in order to lift off any remaining residue left behind by the urine stain; use circular motions for best results.

Step 4: Rinse with Water & Dry Off Any Remaining Residue

Rinse away any residual suds left behind by using cool water and then thoroughly dry off any remaining residue still on the flooring surface

How To Clean Urine From Bathroom Floor

Step 5: Disinfect Area

To completely clean any harmful bacteria or germs on your bathroom floor after cleaning up a urine stain, pour some rubbing alcohol onto a cloth and rub it into the affected area until it begins fizzing (this means it’s killing germs). Allow it to sit for around 10 minutes before wiping away any excess solution left behind.

Step 6: Final Touches

Final Touches

Deodorize Area

If there is still a lingering smell after cleaning up your bathroom floor’s urine stain, consider using an enzyme cleaner specifically designed to eliminate odors caused by pets or humans; spray some onto a cloth and dab over the affected area until the smell dissipates.

Check the Washroom Floor For Damage

After finishing your cleaning process, make sure you check over various parts of your flooring surface. Look out for any signs of damage, such as discoloration or warping, which could have been caused by strong cleaners used during the process.

Mop the Washroom Floor Regularly

Keeping your bathroom floor thoroughly clean and mopped will help prevent future occurrences of urine stains as well as maintain overall hygiene levels within the home.

Problems with Not Cleaning Urine Stains

Problems with Not Cleaning Urine Stains

Unpleasant Odor

Urine stains can create a strong, unpleasant odor if left uncleaned. The smell of urine can linger in the bathroom, making it difficult to use the space comfortably. The odor may also spread to other home areas, making it difficult to get rid of.

Discoloration of the Washroom Floor

Urine stains can discolor the flooring, making it difficult to clean the discoloration. The discoloration can be especially noticeable on light-colored flooring. The discoloration may also spread over time, making removing it even more challenging.

Damage to Flooring

Urine stains can cause damage to different types of flooring, such as warping or staining hardwood or laminate floors. The acidity in urine can also eat away at the finish of the flooring, making it more susceptible to future damage. If left untreated, the damage may become permanent and costly to repair.

The Health Risks of Urine Stains

The Health Risks of Urine Stains

Bacteria and Germs that Can Grow in Urine Stains

Urine contains various microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. When urine is left untreated on a bathroom floor, it can provide a breeding ground for these microorganisms to grow and multiply. This can lead to the development of harmful bacteria.

Potential Risks of Exposure to Bacteria and Germs

Exposure to these bacteria and germs can lead to various health problems, such as respiratory infections, skin infections, and gastrointestinal issues. It can also aggravate pre-existing conditions such as asthma and allergies.

Aesthetic Impact on Bathroom Floor of Urine Stains

Aesthetic Impact on Bathroom Floor of Urine Stains

Unsightly Appearance of Urine Stains

Urine stains can be aesthetically unappealing and unpleasant to look at. They can range in color from yellow to brown and can leave behind discoloration on the flooring. These stains can also create a strong unpleasant odor, making the bathroom feel dirty and uninviting.

Impact of Urine Stains on the Overall Appearance of the Bathroom

Urine stains can greatly affect the overall appearance of a bathroom. Not only do they make the bathroom look dirty and unkempt, but they can also make the bathroom feel uninviting and unpleasant to use.

This can negatively impact the overall aesthetic of the bathroom and make it feel less pleasant to be in.

Personal Anecdotes or Examples to Illustrate the Point

For example, imagine trying to sell a house and potential buyers coming across a bathroom with urine stains. The stains would likely make a negative impression on the potential buyers and decrease the chances of selling the house.

Or, imagine having guests over and having them use a bathroom with urine stains. The stains would likely make the guests uncomfortable and leave a negative impression. These examples illustrate how urine stains can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of a bathroom.

The Practical Benefits of Cleaning Urine Stains

The Practical Benefits of Cleaning Urine Stains

The Ease of Cleaning Up Fresh Urine Stains

Cleaning up urine stains when they are fresh is relatively easy and straightforward. It can be done with basic cleaning supplies such as water, soap, and vinegar. The key is to clean the stain as soon as possible to prevent it from setting in and becoming more difficult to remove.

Difficulty and Expense of Cleaning Up Dried Urine Stains

Dried urine stains can be more difficult and expensive to remove. The longer a stain sits, the more it will set into the flooring and become harder to remove.

This can require specialized cleaning products or even professional cleaning services.

The longer the urine stain sits, the more likely it is to cause discoloration or damage to the flooring, which can be costly to repair.

Tips and Tricks for Effectively Cleaning Urine Stains

  • Use a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda to clean up fresh urine stains. The acidity in the vinegar helps to break down the urine, while the baking soda helps to neutralize odors.
  • For dried urine stains, use a specialized urine remover or enzymatic cleaner. These products are specifically designed to break down the urine and clean the stain.
  • For tough stains, consider renting a steam cleaner or hiring a professional cleaner.
  • Regularly cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom floor can help prevent future urine stains.
  • Make sure to clean any urine stains as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you will have a harder time removing the stain.

How To Remove Pet Urine Stains From The Bathroom Floor?

Removing stains from the bathroom floor caused by pet urine can be a difficult task, but with patience and the right cleaning products, it can be done. The first step is to locate the source of the stain, as this will help determine what to use.

If the stain is fresh, it is important to remove any solid material present before attempting to clean the area. Next, dampen a cloth or paper towel with warm water to blot up as much urine as possible.

How To Remove Pet Urine Stains From The Bathroom Floor

It is important not to scrub the area, as this could worsen the urine stain or spread it further into the flooring material. Once most of the liquid has been removed, a laundry detergent and cold water solution can clean away any remaining residue.

The detergent should be allowed to sit on top of the stain for a few minutes to take effect. A scrub brush should then be used with small circular motions to remove all traces of urine from the floor thoroughly. After doing so, run warm water over the area and blot it dry with a clean towel afterward.

How To Clean A Ceramic Tile Bathroom Floor With Urine Stains?

How To Clean A Ceramic Tile Bathroom Floor With Urine Stains

When dealing with urine stains on ceramic tiles on bathroom floors, care must be taken to prevent further damage or staining from occurring. First and foremost, any solid material present on or near the tile surface must be removed as soon as possible before attempting to clean it.

Afterward, use a wet cloth or paper towel dampened with warm water to blot away any remaining liquid residue from atop the tile surface; however, do not rub too hard, as this may cause more harm than good.

Once most moisture has been blotted off, combine one part laundry detergent with two parts cold water in a bowl and mix until sudsy.

Dip a sponge into this solution and use gentle circular motions while scrubbing at any visible stains on your tiled bathroom floor until they have been removed to ensure that no additional pressure is applied during this process so you don’t end up damaging your tiles further.

Finally, rinse any remaining soap residue with warm water and allow your tiled bathroom floor surface to dry completely before proceeding with other cleaning tasks.

Why and How Urine Stains Damage The Bathroom Flooring?

Urine stains damage bathroom flooring due to their acidic nature; when left untreated, they can cause discoloration over time and even eat away at certain types of material, such as grout between tiles or vinyl flooring surfaces.

Urine also contains enzymes that break down proteins which lead to lingering foul odors; these smells tend to linger even after physically removing any visible signs of staining from the area.

This makes treating pee spots more than just a physical process; it requires multiple steps, including deep cleaning and deodorizing treatments, in order for full removal to take place without leaving behind any traces of smell or staining agents behind.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Sanitary

A clean bathroom is not only more pleasant to look at, but it’s also important for your health. Urine stains can be unsightly and a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, so it’s imperative to address them as soon as possible.

Following the steps outlined in this post and regularly mopping the washroom floor, you can keep your bathroom looking and smelling fresh.

Remember, tackling a fresh urine stain is easier than dealing with a dried one, so clean up any accidents as soon as they happen. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be a pro at cleaning urine stains in no time.

How To Clean Urine From Bathroom Floor: 6 Steps [Complete DIY]

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