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How to Clean Pebble Shower Floor: 5 Things [Full DIY Guide]

How to Clean Pebble Shower Floor

Last Updated on September 7, 2023

Upgrade your bathroom with a classic pebble stone shower floor and make it look stunningly beautiful. But don’t let its elegant appearance fool you.

Natural stones are difficult to clean because water stains stick like glue and other contaminants tend to settle in quickly. So, find out how to clean pebble shower floors to stay perfectly pristine.

You will need detergent, baking soda, a soft-bristled brush or nylon scrubber, and white vinegar in an empty spray bottle. Then take out that handheld steam cleaner to eliminate all built-up grime from your last deep clean session. All of these are used for initial cleaning, deep cleaning, and post-cleaning.

Following the instructions in this article, you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals corroding your pebble shower floor. Now is the time to begin following the natural process.

How to Clean Pebble Shower Floor: In-Depth

Pebble tile floor

A pebble stone floor provides a luxurious look and feels to any bathroom. But these surfaces can be challenging to clean and maintain. With the proper process and materials, you can keep your pebble stone floor looking as good as new. Check out this in-depth guide to cleaning pebble shower floors.


When pre-cleaning a pebble shower floor, the first step is to gather the necessary materials. This includes liquid detergent, baking soda, a nylon or soft-bristled brush, an empty spray bottle with white vinegar, and a handheld steam cleaner.

Pebble shower floor with stains and dirt

Once these materials have been gathered, the next step is to wet down the areas of the floor that need heavy scrubbing with hot water. Then, a mild detergent or baking soda solution should be applied to areas requiring extra attention.

Finally, any dirt and grime can be removed from the pebble shower floor using either a soft-bristled brush or a nylon brush.

Initial Cleaning

Once the pre-cleaning process has been completed, it is time to move on to the initial cleaning. This involves using a white vinegar solution to remove any stubborn stains on the pebble shower floor.

To do this, an empty spray bottle should be filled with white vinegar and spritzed onto any areas needing attention. The solution should then sit for at least 30 minutes before being rinsed off with warm water.

And if there are especially tough spots on the pebble shower surface, they can be removed by using a handheld steam cleaner held approximately 3 to 6 inches above them to loosen them up before vacuuming away any residue left behind.

Deep Cleaning

Pebble floor tile

Finally comes deep cleaning of the pebble stone shower floor surface. This will involve more vigorous scrubbing and cleaning than was used for pre-cleaning and initial cleaning of the area in question.

To begin with, sweep away as much debris from the surface as possible using a broom or vacuum cleaner. This will make it easier for more effective deep cleaning of the area later. To clean your floor, put a degreasing agent like ammonia or dish soap on the dirty parts.

Then scrub hard with a brush or nylon pad. You might need to scrub for a long time to get all the dirt out of all the corners and crevices.

After using the brush on the pebble stone shower floor, use a clean cloth dipped in warm water to wipe away any dirt or grime loosened up.

Make sure to wipe away anything left behind on both visible surfaces and in small crevices you might have missed when scrubbing. Doing this will make your pebble stone shower floor look gorgeous.


When cleaning a pebble shower floor, it is crucial to dispose of all used materials properly. Recycling containers should be used, when possible, to reduce the amount of waste that goes into the environment.

Applying a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to pebble shower floor for cleaning

Also, sanitizing the pebble stone floor area and others with disinfectant is a must to keep it clean and safe. Cloths and mops are practical tools for ensuring all surfaces are thoroughly washed and sanitized.

Maintenance Tips & Preventative Measures

Regular sweeping of the stones is essential for picking up loose dirt and debris accumulating over time to ensure that a pebble shower floor remains clean and in good condition.

Also, minimizing moisture by installing a drain pan underneath the pebble stone shower can help protect against mold and mildew growth. Finally, treating the stones with sealant every few years can help keep them looking new for more extended periods.

How Do You Clean A Pebble Textured Shower Floor?

Pebble stone tile

Cleaning a pebble-textured shower floor is accessible. Start by spritzing the pebble tiles with white vinegar and letting them sit for about 30 minutes. This will help soften any dirt, scum, or soap residue on the surface of the tiles.

After allowing for adequate soaking time, use a scrub brush to remove any stubborn stains and rinse them off with warm water. Make sure to avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning, as that can damage the pebble tiles or grout lines.

How Do You Stop Your Shower Pebbles from Turning Green?

Sometimes, due to mold or other contaminants, pebble stones can turn green over time. To prevent this, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance and cleanings. Saturate the pebble stones with white vinegar and use a push broom to scrub them clean thoroughly.

This will help remove any buildup of dirt or algae on the stone surface, which would otherwise cause staining. After scrubbing, give them a good rinse using a garden hose or pressure washer so that there are no residues left behind that could cause discoloration in the future.

Can You Use Scrubbing Bubbles on Pebble Shower Floor for Cleaning?

Using harsh or acidic products such as Scrubbing Bubbles, Tilex, Comet, and so on to clean pebble shower floors can cause etching and other permanent damage to the stones. These products should not be used to clean pebble floors to preserve their beauty.

Instead, gentle cleaners such as mild liquid detergent are the best option for cleaning pebble shower floors without causing harm to the stone. Several quality natural cleaning products are available on the market for natural stones, both online and locally. Below are some examples:

Natural Stone Shower Soap Scum Remover Spray

Pebble shower floor pros

This all-natural, non-toxic stone shower soap scum remover spray is the perfect way to keep your natural stone shower looking fresh. It works quickly and effectively on soap scum residue, leaving a streak-free finish without harsh chemicals or fumes.

The formula is designed to safely remove even the most stubborn deposits from stone surfaces, offering a deep clean that won’t harm the surface in any way. Plus, it’s easy to use. Just spray it on the affected area and let it sit for five minutes before wiping it away gently.

Mold & Mildew Stain Remover for Natural Stone

Keep your natural stone surfaces free of mold and mildew stains with this all-natural, safe, and effective mold & mildew stain remover. Its powerful formula is specifically formulated to target mold and mildew growing in porous stone surfaces while remaining safe enough to use around family and pets.

The unique blend of enzymes quickly dissolves stubborn stains from the surface without damaging or discoloring them. Simply spray the remover onto the affected area and leave for 10 minutes before wiping with a wet cloth or sponge.

Shower Cleaner Spray for Natural Stone

Cleaning your natural stone shower has never been easier than with this special spray. Its gentle yet powerful formula easily cleanses dirt, grime, oils, soaps, and detergents without damaging delicate stones like marble and limestone. All of this is achieved without leaving any harsh residue or streaks behind.

Can You Use Scrubbing Bubbles on Pebble Shower Floor for Cleaning

Ideal for showers made from natural stones such as slate, granite, and travertine, this product can be applied on a weekly basis.

This will help maintain a high level of hygiene in your bathroom area while keeping your precious stones looking their finest. Simply spray onto affected areas, then wipe off with a damp cloth or sponge.

All Purpose Cleaner for Shower Floor

Give your shower floor a deep clean with this all-purpose cleaner specifically designed for natural stone floors. This unique formulation combines powerful cleaning agents with essential oils that not only work together to break down tough dirt, grime and soils but also leave behind a pleasant citrus scent afterward.

Perfect for tile floors made from marble, granite, slate, or travertine. This cleaner can be used both indoors and outdoors on patios or walkways where moisture might cause staining from pollutants.

To use, simply apply directly onto the surface using a mop or cloth, agitate if necessary, then rinse off after several minutes. The result will be sparkling clean floor tiles you’ll love showing off.

Do You Need To Seal Pebble Shower Floor to Make It Easier To Clean?

Pebble flooring

Sealing your pebble shower floor is an essential step in preserving its natural appearance and making it easier to maintain. Sealing also protects the stone from dirt and other debris accumulating over time. Regular sealing helps ensure that your stone stays looking beautiful for years to come by creating an invisible barrier between it and unwanted debris.

It is important to use sealers specifically designed for natural stones when sealing shower walls or floors. This will help ensure that the sealer adheres properly and provides optimal protection against harmful substances such as oils, grime, and dirt.

Does the Shower’s Pebble Floor Soak Up Water?

Pebble shower floors are known to be highly absorbent and will soak up any water that comes into contact with it. If a sealer or waterproof barrier has not been applied to the pebble shower floor, then it has a higher chance of absorbing moisture which can lead to staining and discoloration over time.

Regularly cleaning the pebble floor with a quality cleaner designed for natural stone surfaces and sealing it with a quality sealer after deep cleaning will prevent this from happening. Doing this can help create an extra layer of protection against moisture buildup for your pebble shower floor to look its finest.

Keep Your Pebble Stone Shower Floor Beautiful and Durable

A pebble stone shower floor can be a great addition to any home. With proper maintenance, these surfaces will last for a long time. When caring for a pebble stone shower floor, you must use soft materials like detergent, baking soda, white vinegar, and a soft brush or nylon brush while cleaning.

Also, by utilizing preventative measures such as steam cleaners and weekly maintenance checks, you can ensure that your pebble stone shower floor will look its best all year round. Now that you know how to clean pebble stone shower floors, you can enjoy their beauty.

How to Clean Pebble Shower Floor: 5 Things [Full DIY Guide]

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