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How To Clean Drain Snake: 3 Steps [DIY]

how to clean drain snake

Last Updated on June 1, 2023

Drain snakes are valuable tools for unclogging drains. Using this, you’ll get rid of hair and other debris clogging up drains. You need to clean your drain snake after every use to make sure it’s clean and ready for the next time. And cleaning a drain snake requires the right steps.

To clean a drain snake properly, prepare a cleaning solution and keep it nearby before using the drain snake. After using the snake, soak it in the solution for a couple minutes. Afterwards, scrub the snake thoroughly and rinse it with clean water.

Here are some tips on cleaning a plastic drain snake after use and whether they are reusable. We will also cover techniques on removing hair from a drain snake before cleaning it thoroughly.

How to Clean Drain Snake Properly After Use?

How to Clean Drain Snake Properly After Use

Below you will find a detailed description of the steps involved:

STEP 1. Prepare the Cleaning Solution

Careful cleaning solution preparation is essential for the efficient and effective maintenance of a drain snake. You should fill a bucket with warm water and add antibacterial soap before using the drain snake.

Add 1 cup of bleach per 1 gallon of water for an extra deep clean to ensure adequate sanitation. Having the bucket with the cleaning solution nearby before beginning use will help ensure it is readily available when needed.

STEP 2. Deposit the Snake into the Bucket

Once the cleaning solution is prepared, ensure the plumbing snake is fully submerged in the liquid. You can do this by carefully placing the snake in the bucket and covering each section completely.

If necessary, use a suitable tool to push down any parts of the snake that are not entirely immersed. This procedure should be done cautiously, as submerging too much of the snake may damage or weaken it.

STEP 3. Let it Soak for Several Minutes

The plumbing snake should be allowed to soak in the cleaning solution for a while to help loosen any debris or buildup. This step is essential to achieve an effective clean, as it helps to break down stubborn material and unclog drains.

To ensure optimal results, let the drain snake sit in the cleaning solution for several minutes before removing it. Doing so will help ensure that all materials can be safely removed from the device, leaving it ready for its next usage.

STEP 4. Swirl the Snake Occasionally

Agitating the cleaning solution by occasionally swirling the plumbing snake around in the bucket facilitates removing debris or clogs from the device. Swirling the snake in a circular motion creates a current-like effect that helps loosen and dislodge any buildup of dirt, grease, or hair stuck inside.

You should also allow enough time for the cleaning solution to settle before performing this step. This will allow any sediment or small particles to settle at the bottom of the bucket before being stirred.

STEP 5. Scrub the Entire Plumbing Snake

Swirling the drain snake is insufficient to ensure it has been adequately cleaned. To complete the cleaning process, use a scrub brush and thoroughly clean the entire length of the plumbing snake.

Start at one end and work through, paying attention to areas with visible debris or buildup. When scrubbing around the coil at the end of the cable, special care must be taken. Be sure to apply pressure when scrubbing this area, as clogs and residue can easily build up if not properly addressed.

[Note: Take caution while scrubbing so you do not splash yourself or your surroundings with any water or cleaner used in the process.]

STEP 6. Rinse and Dry the Snake

Once the entire plumbing snake has been scrubbed, rinse it thoroughly under clean water to wash off any soap or cleaning solution left behind. This will help ensure the snake is properly cleaned before being stored.

Also, allow the snake to dry completely before storage to prevent mold and other contaminants from forming on its surface.

How do I get the hair out of a drain snake while cleaning?

How do I get the hair out of a drain snake while cleaning

Manipulating the drain snake with a pair of needle-nose pliers can effectively dislodge hair from its coils. Ensure that the pliers securely grip the strand of hair, as it may break apart if not handled correctly.

To do so, slowly rotate and twist the hair around the tip of the needle-nose pliers until it has been firmly secured. Once secure, carefully pull on the strand of hair until it has been removed from its coil.

If necessary, use a small brush or cloth to help remove any remaining strands. Finally, rinse and dry off your drain snake after each use to ensure optimal performance and hygiene.

What’s the right way to clean a plastic drain snake?

Cleaning a plastic drain snake requires careful attention to ensure the device is properly maintained and functioning optimally. Rinse the used snake with tap water after every use to remove debris, dirt, and hair.

Also, if applicable, sanitize the drain snake with vinegar and water before storing it for future use. After rinsing and sanitizing, ensure that all surfaces are completely dry before storing the drain snake in its designated container or area.

Are plastic drain snakes reusable after cleaning them?

Are plastic drain snakes reusable after cleaning them

A plastic drain snake can be reused multiple times by adhering to the recommended cleaning methods. To ensure maximum usability and longevity of the plastic drain snake, thoroughly clean and disinfect it after each use.

As part of this process, you should remove dirt or residue from the snake’s body with a damp cloth. After that, remove any clogged hair or debris from its head with tweezers or another tool, then sanitize it with rubbing alcohol or bleach.

Keep Your Drain Snake in Top Shape with Proper Cleaning

Keeping your drain snake in top working order is essential to keep your plumbing system flowing smoothly. To ensure your drain snake is free from any debris, it is crucial to clean and disinfect after each use properly.

When cleaning, use a stiff brush to scrub the surface thoroughly, paying attention to any grooves or crevices where hair and other debris can accumulate.

Soaking the drain snake in a solution of detergent or bleach for several minutes is an effective way to break down and clean any remaining debris. Rinse the snake thoroughly with hot water to complete the cleaning process.

Plastic drain snakes can be reusable if washed correctly. However, over time, they can become worn out after extended use, so it is essential to replace them at the right time. By properly following the above steps, you can ensure your drain snake remains in good condition, performing its best and always ready for the next job.

How To Clean Drain Snake: 3 Steps [DIY]

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