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How to Clean a Papasan Cushion | 10 Steps Guide

How to Clean a Papasan Cushion

Last Updated on March 11, 2023

Papasan cushions are the quintessential piece of furniture for your living room or bedroom. These cushions are expensive because they express your sense of style.However, Papasan cushions do have a tendency to get dirty and soiled over time.

In this article, we are going to go over how to clean a Papasan cushion and make it good as new.

What is a Papasan Cushion?

Before we start talking about cleaning a Papasan cushion, let’s go over what exactly they are.

A Papasan cushion is also known as a bowl shaped chair or moon chair. It has its origins in East Asia, and it’s made with the most basic of materials: cloth and thread. The bottom part of the chair is filled with cotton or fiber, also known as the “cushion.” They’re circular and look like a big bowl or a small moon.

Papasan Cushion

There is no set design as it varies from store to store and country to country. Although they do come in many colors and styles, you can customize yours any way you want.

What Makes It Expensive?

What Makes It Expensive

Papasan cushions are not cheap to build. They are made with quality materials and lots of time goes into manufacturing one, which is why they are quite expensive.

They’re easy to clean, which is how they are able to maintain their expensive price point. Also, once you buy your first best Papasan chair cushions, you’ll likely want to get more for the rest of your rooms in the house.

How to Clean a Papasan Cushion at Home?

How to Clean a Papasan Cushion at Home

You don’t have to go out and buy a new Papasan cushion cover when yours is dirty. Here are some ways that you can clean your Papasan cushion without any hassle or high expense.

1. Vacuuming

When your Papasan cushion is dirty, the first thing to do is vacuum it. This will help you get rid of any large particles or short strands of hair that may be on there.

If you have a vacuum with lots of attachments, use the tube-shaped one and extend it out all the way so it can reach the outer edge of the cushion. If you don’t have any attachments, use the crevice tool to get between the holes.

Vacuuming papasan cushion

2. Dish Soap and Water

Mix some dish soap and water in a spray bottle. You can use any soap or detergent, but we recommend using one that is all-natural so you won’t ruin the material on your Papasan cushion.

Spray the mixture onto the cushion and rub it in with a cloth, so it’s nice and damp. Then use a scrub brush to gently rub out any dirt, stains, or debris that might be on there.

3. Get rid of Stubborn Stains

If you are experiencing some particularly stubborn stained area on your double Papasan chair, try dipping a dish or sponge into warm water and repeatedly wiping it down with soap until the stain is gone.

4. Soak in Water and Vinegar

If you’re still having issues, take a saucepan and put an inch of warm water into it with 1/2 cup white vinegar and place your cushion in there for about 10 minutes, then wipe dry. The vinegar will help to lift dirt from the cushion’s fibers.

Papasan Cushion Soak in Water and Vinegar

5. Use Shampoo

If you’re experiencing an odor coming from your couch cushion, pour some upholstery shampoo onto it and let it sit for a bit before blotting it dry with a paper towel.

6. Use Salt

Take some table salt and sprinkle it on the wet Papasan cushion, then use a rag to rub it in and wipe it off. The Salt will absorb some of the oil and dirt on your pillows.

7. Clean the Frame

The frame of the seat cushion is just as important to clean. Use a dishcloth and soapy water mixed with soap and rub all over your cushion’s frame to remove any dirt that may have accumulated there.

Make sure you pay attention to the seams and crevices, so no dirt remains. When finished, rinse it out with plain water, then dry it off with a paper towel.

8. Put it in The Sun to Dry

Some people recommend putting your cushion outside in the sun or hanging it up to dry, but that sounds like a bad idea to me! If you have a small garden area, perhaps you can try laying your cushion flat on its side and letting it rest there for a few hours.

Drying papasan cushion

9. Get Rid of the Smell

If your cushion gives off a distinct odor, try putting it in some laundry fragrance and water for about half an hour before putting it in the sun to dry. Sometimes leather or vinyl holds onto odors after you clean it, so be sure to rinse with fresh water after using vinegar on it.

10. Use a Hairdryer

If you don’t have time to let your Papasan cushion air-dry, use a hairdryer on a low setting and direct it at the cushion until it’s completely dry. This will only take a few minutes.

The Importance of Keeping Your Papasan Cushion Clean

The Importance of Keeping Your Papasan Cushion Clean

The following are some reasons you should maintain the cleanliness of your Papasan cushion:

Extending the Life of Your Cushion

Cleaning your best Papasan chairs regularly will help you keep them in good condition for a longer period. A dirty and smelly cushion is not only unappealing, but it might also be damaging the fibers by trapping dirt and dust inside of them.


A clean cushion will be more comfortable to sit on as you won’t have to worry about dirty, dusty, and sweat-ridden fabric against your skin.

Importance of Keeping Your Papasan Cushion Clean


It is pretty obvious that a dirty cushion has an unpleasant odor. Therefore, it’s best not even to let the odor set in on your Papasan cushion because once it does, it’ll be much more challenging to get rid of.


Regularly cleaning your cushion will ensure that you are not exposed to dust mites, dirt, and other pollutants that might cause allergies or discomfort when in contact with your skin. Not only that, but a clean cushion will also help keep pests at bay by removing their food source.

Prevention of Mold Growth

Mold is not only dangerous for your health, but it can destroy your Papasan cushion, so avoid growing mold on your cushion by keeping it clean and dry at all times.

Tips for Keeping Papasan Cushions Fresh Over Time

Tips for Keeping Papasan Cushions Fresh Over Time

These are some tips on how to maintain the freshness of your Papasan cushion over time:

  • Regularly dust the top of your cushion to remove any dirt, grime, or food particles that might have settled there.
  • Place an air freshener inside your cushion if you are experiencing a moldy smell. You can also sprinkle baking soda inside to absorb any unpleasant smells.
  • Place your cushion in the sun for a few hours every now and again to let it air out.
  • Keep your cushion away from air conditioners, humid areas, and pets to prevent mold growth.
  • Place an old towel underneath your cushion to protect the fabric.
  • If you can, remove your cushion’s cover and clean it separately.
  • Place a small wooden frame inside the cavity of your cushion so that dirt doesn’t get trapped inside. You may also want to use baking soda or kitty litter to absorb any moisture/odors.
  • Remove your cushion from its frame and wipe all surfaces with baking soda and water, then dry it off with a paper towel before putting it back together.
Tips for Keeping Papasan Cushions Fresh Over Time


How Do I Know What Size Papasan Cushion to Buy?

There is a standard size for Papasan cushions, but many companies tend to have their own sizing scale. If you want to be sure of the exact dimensions of your cushion, check the packaging or contact customer service.

What Are Papasan Cushions Filled with?

Papasan cushion fillings are generally made up of cotton batting, foam, or a blend of the two.

Does the Papasan Chair Have A Thin Or Thick Seat?

Papasan chairs have large and bulky seats, so don’t plan on putting it anywhere that doesn’t have sufficient space. This is not the type of chair you want to squeeze into a corner between two objects.


It is essential to keep your Papasan cushion clean so that you can enjoy it for many years. Not only is it more comfortable and appealing to sit on when it’s clean, but it’s also better for your health as you won’t be exposed to dust mites, dirt, or other pollutants. Cleaning your cushion regularly is not tricky, and there are several ways to do so depending on what works best for you. We hope that these tips have been helpful and that you will find the time to clean your cushion often!

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How to Clean a Papasan Cushion | 10 Steps Guide

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