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How to Clean a Black Granite Kitchen Sink: 4 Simple Steps to Follow

Cleaning your black granite kitchen sink is a simple yet essential task that can keep this focal point looking pristine and beautiful. Whether you’re dealing with daily grime, stubborn stains, or a persistent white haze, the black granite kitchen sink cleaning process is straightforward. To clean your black granite sink, remove any food scraps, debris, […]

Can You Use Steel Wool to Remove Stains From a Fiberglass Sink: Know the Truth

Fiberglass sinks are popular for their affordability and aesthetic appeal. Many wonder whether they can use steel wool to remove stains from their fiberglass sink.  While steel wool can be used to clean some hard surfaces, it should not be used to clean fiberglass because of its abrasiveness. If you use steel wool to remove […]

What to Use to Clean Silicone From Kitchen Sink | 2 Methods

Silicone is a commonly used material for sealing around the kitchen sink. Despite its many benefits, silicone gets dirty and contaminated over time from cooking spills, making it hard to clean. Removing the stubborn silicone caulking that accumulates around the kitchen sink edges can also be tricky. However, there are several ways to remove silicone […]

How to Clean Kitchen Sink Diverter Valve: 7 Steps to Follow

Cleaning your kitchen sink diverter valve can restore your faucet’s optimal performance and ensure the sprayer and spout go smoothly together. Over time, mineral deposits, sediment, and debris can accumulate within the diverter valve, leading to many issues. If you’ve noticed problems with your faucet, it’s likely time to give your sink diverter valve some […]

How to Clean a Black Porcelain Kitchen Sink: 4 Effective Methods

Cleaning your kitchen’s black porcelain sink is imperative to maintain its sleek and elegant appearance. Over time, these sinks can accumulate soap scum, food stains, and mineral deposits, making them lose their shine. There are several ways to restore your black porcelain sink to like new.  You can use liquid dishwashing detergent and a soft […]

Why Does My Kitchen Sink Fill up When Dishwasher Runs: 4 Causes

When you run your dishwasher, the kitchen sink may fill up with water unexpectedly and inconveniently. Having to deal with this perplexing phenomenon can disrupt your daily routine and make you wonder, “Why does my sink fill up when the dishwasher runs?”. Some common culprits stand out when your sink fills up during the dishwasher […]

Sink Won’t Drain Unless Garbage Disposal Is On: 6 Ways to Retrieve

A clogged kitchen sink is a frustrating and inconvenient problem, especially when it involves garbage disposal. In this case, if your sink won’t drain without the garbage disposal running, it clearly indicates a blockage or issue that needs attention. You can employ several methods to unclog your kitchen sink and restore it to full functionality. […]

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