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What Can I Mix With Bleach to Clean Toilet: 3 Things to Try

When cleaning your toilet surfaces, bleach is a popular choice due to its powerful disinfecting and whitening properties. However, did you know that mixing bleach with certain substances can enhance its cleaning abilities and neutralize its strong odor?  You can mix plain water as a diluent to reduce bleach concentration and make it safer to […]

How to Clean Macerator Toilet: 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning a macerator toilet is necessary to ensure your bathroom space’s functionality and hygiene. The process of cleaning a macerator toilet is slightly different from that of a conventional toilet due to its unique design. To clean a macerator toilet effectively, you need to turn off the power to the macerator for safety. Applying a […]

How to Clean Toilet Plunger After Use: 6 Steps [DIY]

In every household, a toilet plunger is essential, helping to clear clogged toilets. But after its use, cleaning your plunger well is essential to prevent lingering germs. Properly cleaning your toilet plunger ensures its longevity and helps maintain a hygienic environment. To maintain the cleanliness of your toilet plunger, start by creating a cleaning mixture […]

Why Is My Bath Water Brown: 7 Possible Reasons with Solutions

Brown bath water is alarming, especially when expecting a relaxing and refreshing bathing experience. While the appearance of brown water can be unsettling, there are several potential explanations for this phenomenon, ranging from harmless occurrences to issues that require attention. One potential cause could be sediment and mineral buildup in your pipes, leading to discolored […]

Why Do I Keep Finding Bed Bugs in My Bathtub: 6 Reasons & Solutions

An unexpected discovery of bed bugs in your bathtub can be concerning and puzzling. These elusive insects have the uncanny ability to find refuge in various corners of your home, including the bathroom. While their presence might seem unusual, there are some reasons why bed bugs may inhabit your bathtub. Bed bugs often seek refuge […]

Why Is My Bath Water Green: 4 Causes

Green water is unsettling when you’re ready for a relaxing bath. There are several possible reasons for this unusual occurrence. Contaminated water could be the culprit, with elevated levels of copper or other pollutants imparting a greenish tint. Corroded piping is another possibility if your plumbing system features copper or galvanized steel components. Limescale buildup […]

How Much Drano to Use in Bathtub: 8 Steps [Clean Clogs]

Clogged bathtub drains are frustrating, but having a reliable solution can help you avoid them. Drano, a well-known brand of drain cleaning products, offers a convenient option for addressing these issues. Now, the fact is, how much Drano should you use in the bathtub for a sparkling space? It varies depending on the severity of […]

Do Bath Bombs Stain Tubs | Find Out If They Do or Not

Bath bombs with a fizzing action and a sweet scent provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience in the bath. But what happens when you notice an unsightly stain on your bathtub? Are bath bombs capable of staining your bathtub? It is not uncommon for these little fuzzy spheres to leave behind stains on your bathtub. […]

How to Remove Blue Water Stains From Bathtub: 8 Steps & Alternatives

Having a blue stain in your tub, such as one caused by private water sources, can be a perplexing problem. Corrosion of copper pipes and hot water cylinders often causes this unsightly staining. Now, you might think about how you can get blue water stains out of the bathtub to make it more hygienic and […]

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