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5 Best Drain Cleaning Gloves for Hand Protection in 2024

Drain Cleaning Gloves

Last Updated on January 7, 2023

When you are undertaking plumbing work, such as clearing a clogged drain, you are exposed to some pretty unsanitary conditions. If you are not careful, bacteria and other contaminants can easily find their way onto your skin and cause serious infections.

Rusted pipes and sharp materials can also cause cuts and scrapes. That’s why it’s important to always wear gloves when you’re working with drains.

You need to make sure you are using the best drain cleaning gloves available. This will help you to avoid any accidents and keep your hands safe from harm. In order to identify good quality gloves, it may be useful to examine different drain-cleaning glove reviews.

ThxToms Heavy Duty Latex Gloves for Drain Cleaning

Material: Latex
Color: Black
Item Weight: ‎4.2 ounces

Gastody Waterproof Slip Resistant Grip Gloves

Material: Latex
Color: Black and Orange
Item Weight: 3.17 Ounces

DOUBLE ONE Natural Latex Safety Disposable Gloves

Material: Latex
Color: Black
Item Weight: 3.52 ounces

What Materials are Used to Make Plumbing Gloves?

ugly gloves

The most common material used in plumbing gloves is latex. Latex is a natural rubber that is highly elastic and resistant to oils, acids, and other chemicals. It also provides a good grip, making it ideal for working with slippery surfaces.

Nitrile gloves are another type of plumbing glove that is often used. This is a synthetic rubber that is also resistant to oils, acids, and chemicals.

Plumbing gloves are also made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is a synthetic plastic that is resistant to chemicals and provides a good grip. Most plumbing professionals use gloves made of latex or PVC because they offer the best combination of grip, durability, and chemical resistance.

Best Latex Drain Cleaning Gloves

disposable nitrile gloves

If you decide to use latex gloves, you should ensure that they are of high quality. It is important to note that not all latex gloves are created equal, and some gloves may not provide the level of protection you require.

The following is a list of latex gloves that may be of interest to you. These gloves are made of high-quality latex and provide good protection against chemicals, oils, and other hazardous materials for drain cleaning.

Take a look at the specifications, advantages, and limitations of each product to determine which is the most appropriate for you.

✳ ThxToms Heavy Duty Latex Gloves for Drain Cleaning

ThxToms offers a great solution for those seeking heavy-duty gloves for drain cleaning. There is a single size available in these latex gloves, which are 14-inch long and extra large.

If you have large hands, these gloves will fit you well. Due to the smooth finish and good grip of these gloves, they can also be used with average-sized hands. 

ThxToms Heavy Duty Latex Gloves, Resist Strong Acid, Alkali and Oil, 14″, 1 Pair

● 14-inch long
● Heavy-duty latex construction
● Smooth finish
● Good grip
● Crimped cuffs
● Chemicals and tears resistant 

Reasons That May Attract You:

Natural latex is used in the manufacture of the ThxToms heavy duty latex gloves, which makes them resistant to chemicals and tears.

They are also thick enough to provide good protection while remaining tactilely sensitive at the same time. This makes them perfect for use in a variety of settings, such as drain cleaning, plumbing, machine repair, aquarium care, yard work, and chemical processing.

Their crimped cuffs make them easy to wear, and they will protect your hands from a wide variety of hazards.


  • Smooth finish with a good grip
  • Can be used in a variety of settings
  • Crimped cuffs provide a good fit and easy wear
  • Tactilely sensitive for delicate work
  • Durable and resistant to chemicals and tears


  • Not suitable for small hands
  • Gloves may become fragile after prolonged use

✳ Gastody Waterproof Slip Resistant Grip Gloves

If you wish to clean your plumbing system or drains in a safe manner, Gastody’s gloves will provide you with optimum results. These latex rubber gloves are tough and durable and can withstand multiple uses.

The well-designed anti-slip patterns on the gloves give you a good grip in both wet and dry conditions. You’ll be able to handle all the necessary tools firmly without any risk of slipping. With Gastody’s gloves, your hands will be protected from hot water, harsh chemicals, dirt, and other hazards.

Gastody™ – Chemical Resistant Gloves, Reusable ,Heavy Duty Safety Work Gloves

● Anti-slip patterns
● Well gripped
● Comfortable to wear
● Flexible
● Chemical Resistant

Reasons That May Attract You:

Wearing these gloves will allow you to work comfortably for long periods of time without feeling fatigued.

You will also have excellent dexterity and flexibility, making them suitable for various tasks such as plumbing, automotive, yard work, household cleaning, laboratory work, furniture renovation, and so on.

The black and orange color scheme makes these gloves an attractive choice for both men and women. As these waterproof slip-resistant grip gloves are tough and durable, you can rest assured that they will withstand the rigors of everyday use.


  • Made of latex rubber for durability and comfort
  • Anti-slip design for a good grip
  • Protects hands from hot water, harmful chemicals, and other hazards
  • Allows for excellent dexterity and flexibility
  • Withstands the rigors of everyday use


  • Your hands may sweat while wearing gloves for long periods of time

✳ DOUBLE ONE Natural Latex Safety Disposable Gloves

DOUBLE ONE’s gloves are made of natural latex, which is a durable and comfortable material that will keep your hands safe while you work. These gloves measure 12.6″ in length, which is sufficient to protect your hands when cleaning drains or performing plumbing work.

The black color of these gloves allows you to conceal any contamination you may come into contact with. They come in large sizes, which will fit most people’s hands.

Chemical Resistant Gloves,Safety Work Cleaning Protective Heavy Duty Industrial Gloves

● Natural latex construction
● 12.6 inch long
● Tear-resistant
● Heat and chemical Resistant

Reasons That May Attract You:

Since the gloves are resistant to acids and alkalis, you may wear them when you are cleaning or performing other household tasks. They are also tear-resistant, so you will not have to worry about them breaking while you are using them.

They can also be used in hot environments without melting. You can wear the gloves in situations where you may be exposed to harmful chemicals as well, since the gloves are also resistant to chemicals.

Overall, these natural latex safety disposable gloves can be a wise choice for anyone who needs a durable and reliable pair of gloves that can withstand a variety of different conditions.


  • Durable and comfortable natural latex construction
  • 12.6″ in length to protect your hands
  • Large size will fit most people’s hands
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, and chemicals
  • Tear-resistant for added safety


  • These gloves are little bit thin but still offer good protection

Best PVC Drain Cleaning Gloves

synthetic leather

If you prefer to wear gloves made of PVC, the following products may interest you. These gloves are made of durable polyvinyl chloride and can withstand chemical exposure. They are also ergonomically designed and have a good grip.

Be certain to review these gloves’ specifications, features, pros, and cons before making a final decision.

Wells Lamont Waterproof Work Gloves

Wells Lamont’s gloves are made with a heavy-duty PVC coating that provides excellent chemical resistance. This will help to protect your hands when working with harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions.

The gloves are also waterproof, so you can keep your hands dry while working. With a 12-inch cuff, you get extra protection from the elements, and the large size fits most people’s hands. 

When you are cleaning drains or working with harsh chemicals, these chemical-resistant gloves will help to keep your hands safe and protected.

Wells Lamont Heavy Duty PVC Coated Work Gloves

● Waterproof 
● Chemical resistant
● 12-inch cuff
● Ergonomic design
● Textured gripping

Reasons That May Attract You:

You can feel confident taking on any drain cleaning or plumbing-related task when you wear these gloves. These cut-resistant leather gloves will protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, and other injuries.

They are also flexible at low temperatures. The seamless cotton knit lining makes the Wells Lamont waterproof work gloves comfortable to wear and easy to remove.

With their ergonomic straight thumb design, they fit your hand well without restricting your movement. The textured PVC coating enhances the glove’s overall gripping ability. Due to this, you will be able to grasp the drain auger or whatever you are working on with ease.


  • Waterproof to keep your hands dry
  • 12-inch cuff for extra protection
  • Seamless cotton knit lining is comfortable to wear
  • Textured PVC coating enhances gripping ability
  • Ergonomic straight thumb design for a better fit
  • Flexible at low temperatures


  • Rarely, sensitive skin may experience an allergic reaction

LANON Protection Long Sleeve Gloves for Cleaning

The LANON  gloves are made with PVC-coated material, which makes them durable and safe to use. With a 26-inch gauntlet cuff, the gloves provide wrist and forearm protection.

These gloves are available in a blue color, which makes them appear stylish. This glove can be reused multiple times, making it an excellent value for the money. 

LANON PVC Coated Chemical Resistant Gloves, Reusable Heavy Duty Safety Work Gloves

● 26-inch gauntlet cuff
● Latex free
● Textured palm
● Breathable design

Reasons That May Attract You:

Using these gloves offers you a high level of protection against the chemical drain cleaners, solvents, and other risks you may face while working. A breathable design and easy-on, easy-off construction makes these gloves comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

There is a textured palm that provides a good grip even on wet or greasy surfaces, and the gloves have passed tests for abrasion, blade, tear, and puncture resistance. Those with sensitive skin may also benefit from the fact that they are latex-free. It can be beneficial to use this long sleeve gloves for cleaning.


  • PVC-coated material for durability and safety
  • 26-inch gauntlet cuff for wrist and forearm protection
  • Breathable design is comfortable to wear
  • Textured palm offers a good grip
  • Can be reused multiple times


  • These gloves may not appropriately fit individuals with smaller hands

Comparison Chart of the Drain Cleaning Gloves

Product NameMaterialColorItem Weight
ThxToms Drain Cleaning GlovesLatexBlack‎4.2 ounces
Gastody Drain Cleaning GlovesLatexBlack and Orange3.17 Ounces
DOUBLE ONE Drain Cleaning GlovesLatexBlack3.52 ounces
Wells Lamont GlovesPolyvinyl ChlorideBlue‎‎8 ounces
LANON Protection GlovesPolyvinyl ChlorideBlue13.4 ounces

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Drain Cleaning Gloves

chemical drain cleaner

It is important to take several factors into account when choosing drain cleaning gloves since the wrong gloves can cause more harm than good.

Among the wide selection of gloves available on the market, you should narrow down your selection. To help you choose the best plumbing gloves, here are some factors to consider:

1. Material

The material of the glove is one of the most important factors to consider because it will determine the durability and level of protection that the glove can provide.

As you already know, different materials are used to make gloves, such as latex, nitrile, and PVC. Regardless of the material you select, ensure that it is thick enough to protect your hands from cuts and punctures.

Before making your purchase, you should carefully read the product description to find out what the gloves are made of. It is also advisable to check user reviews, as individuals who have previously worn the gloves may have a better understanding of their durability and effectiveness.

2. Size and Fit

When selecting gloves, you should also pay attention to the size and fit. This is important because you need to make sure that the gloves fit snugly on your hands without being too tight.

If the gloves are too loose, they may fall off while you are working. On the other hand, if the gloves are too tight, they will be uncomfortable to wear and may restrict your movement.

The best way to determine the right size is to measure your hand and compare it to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.

3. Cuffs

The cuff is the part of the glove that covers the wrist and forearm. Several gloves have short cuffs, while others have long cuffs. Choosing the cuff length will depend on your personal preference and the type of work that you will be performing.

If you are working in an area where there is a lot of debris, you may want to opt for gloves with long cuffs to protect your wrists and forearms. The product description provides information regarding the cuff length.

4. Grip

Another factor that you need to consider is the grip of the gloves. After all, you need to be able to grip tools and other objects securely while you are working. Look for gloves that have a textured surface to provide a better grip. 

For determining the grip of the gloves, you can again refer to user reviews as people who have actually used the gloves will be able to provide first-hand information.

5. Resistance

Since you will be working with drains containing a variety of hazardous materials, you should select gloves that can resist punctures, cuts, and abrasions. The chosen gloves should also provide protection against chemicals and other harmful substances.

Be sure to read the description of the gloves carefully to determine what kind of resistance they provide. You may also need to look at the customer reviews to see what type of experience other people have had with the gloves.

6. Breathability

Since you will be wearing the gloves for a prolonged period of time, it is important to make sure that they are breathable. This will prevent your hands from sweating and becoming uncomfortable.

In this way, you will be able to work for a longer period of time without having to take a break. You may check out the customer reviews to see if other people have found the gloves to be breathable.

7. Flexibility

The gloves should also be flexible enough to allow you to move your fingers freely. A pair of gloves that is too stiff will restrict your movement and make it difficult for you to hold tools and other objects comfortably.

Check customer reviews to determine the degree of flexibility of gloves since people who have actually worn them may be able to share their experience. This will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Are Latex Gloves Safe for the Skin?

pvc pipe

As latex gloves are made of natural rubber, they are generally safe for the skin. Some people may be allergic to latex and experience irritation, redness, and swelling. If you are concerned about latex allergies, you can opt for gloves made of other materials, such as PVC.

While latex gloves are typically safe for the skin, it is always important to know your own body and what materials you may be allergic to. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to look for gloves that are lined with a material such as cotton. This will provide an extra layer of protection and help to prevent irritation.

How Long Do Drain Cleaning Gloves Last?

The lifespan of drain cleaning gloves depends on the frequency of use and the type of material that they are made of. In general, you can expect that good-quality Latex gloves will last approximately three years with regular use.

If you use the gloves infrequently, they may last even longer. The life expectancy of PVC gloves is approximately five years. Some gloves are not meant to be reused and should be disposed of after each use. Consequently, you must ensure that the gloves can be reused after they have been cleaned.

How Often Should You Clean Drain Cleaning Gloves?

How Often Should You Clean Drain Cleaning Gloves

It is important to clean your gloves after each use to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. You should also inspect the gloves for any rips, holes, or other damage. 

If there is any damage, you should replace the gloves to ensure that they continue to provide adequate protection. To clean your gloves, you can use mild soap and warm water. Be sure to rinse the gloves thoroughly to remove all traces of soap scum.

Safely Clean the Drain System With the Quality Gloves

It is now clear that gloves are an essential part of the drain cleaning process. By selecting the right gloves, you can protect your hands from harmful substances and make your work easier.

Be sure to consider the factors discussed in this article to choose the best drain cleaning gloves for your needs. All of the gloves reviewed in this article are made of high-quality materials and will provide the protection and comfort that you need.

You can compare the features of each glove and make a decision based on your specific requirements. With the right gloves, you can keep your hands safe and improve your drain cleaning efficiency.

ThxToms Heavy Duty Latex Gloves, Resist Strong Acid, Alkali and Oil, 14″, 1 Pair
  • High-grade natural latex possess a excellent chemical resistance and tear resistance
  • Ideal thickness provide a fantastic secure protection yet still tactile sensitive
  • Only one size – extra large, but its smooth finish provides excellent grip
5 Best Drain Cleaning Gloves for Hand Protection in 2024

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